What You Need To Know About Professional Cleaning And Critical Environments

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What You Need To Know About Professional Cleaning And Critical Environments

20 July 2019
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A clean work space is something that most companies find important. Professional cleaning services can eliminate any dust, dirt, or germs that might cause your employees to become ill. Regular cleaning will also protect your building against the dangers of falling into disrepair.

While most areas within your building will be easy to clean, special care will be needed if you have a critical environment within your commercial space.

What is a Critical Environment?

A critical environment is a dedicated space that has unique environmental needs. Some critical environments must remain sterile and free of contaminants at all times (like laboratories). Other environments have strict guidelines when it comes to temperature, humidity, and air pressure (like electronic assembly rooms).

A critical environment will always be separated from the rest of the commercial space. 

What Cleaning Challenges do Critical Environments Pose?

Cleaning a critical environment can be very challenging. There are some unique challenges associated with helping to maintain cleanliness in an area that is so highly regulated. Professional cleaning staff must be capable of maintaining the integrity of the critical environment while protecting the delicate equipment found within.

One of the biggest challenges that comes with cleaning a critical environment is adhering to strict entry protocols. Be sure that you are working with a cleaning company that has experience servicing critical environments successfully to avoid any potential complications.

What Special Considerations Pertain to the Cleaning of a Critical Environment?

A professional cleaning service that is equipped to handle the cleaning of a critical environment will be prepared to overcome the challenges of cleaning such a highly regulated space. One way that professional cleaners prepare to address critical environments is by having access to the right equipment.

Vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters must be used to eliminate any airborne contaminant particles from a critical environment. Special shred-resistant of lint free cloths are the only acceptable tools that can be used to wipe down the surfaces within a critical environment.

Any cleaning agents used must be cleared through your company first, so you can rest assured that your sensitive equipment will not be exposed to any chemicals that might affect their performance in the future.

A professional cleaning company is an active partner in helping you protect and maintain your commercial space. If you need a critical environment cleaned, choose your cleaning crew wisely. Only the most experienced cleaners should be trusted with critical environments that are central to your company's operations. 

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