Carpeting Getting Older? 2 Ways To Get It Clean

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Carpeting Getting Older? 2 Ways To Get It Clean

3 May 2022
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Installing new carpeting in a home can get expensive, especially if your home is large. If your carpeting is looking old, instead of replacing it, there are many ways you can get it clean and looking new again, two of which are listed below. 

Use a Carpet Cleaning Company

One of the best ways to get all carpeting clean is to hire a carpet cleaning company. They have equipment that is much stronger than you can purchase or rent on your own. This means the dirt and other debris that is deep into the carpet fibers will be removed. This not only makes your carpet cleaner but also makes your home smell much nicer. This is especially true if you have pets that shed or pets that have urinated on the carpet in the past. 

Many carpet cleaning companies use a steam cleaner to clean carpets. With this method, the cleaning machine heats water to a certain temperature. The water is then applied to the carpeting using the machine deep into the carpet fibers. The steam loosens dirt and other debris. They then use a type of vacuum steamer to remove this debris, dirt, and more. 

The carpet cleaning company may also use the standard carpet cleaner that uses a cleaning solution instead of steam. The carpet cleaner has powerful scrub brushes that get deep into the carpeting. The cleaning solution and water are injected into the carpeting, the brushes agitate to scrub the carpet and loose dirt and stains. They then use a vacuum to suction the cleaning solution and dirt, debris, etc. from the carpeting. 

One benefit of steam cleaning carpeting is it dries very quickly. Both methods work equally well, however. 

What You Can Do

The first thing is to vacuum your carpeting thoroughly to remove as much dirt, pet hair, etc. as you can. You may need to go over the carpeting more than one time. If there are stains on the carpet purchase a stain remover to remove them or make them much less noticeable. You can sprinkle baking soda over the carpeting and let it sit for a few minutes then vacuum. Baking soda will help remove odors making the carpeting smell much nicer. 

There are carpet cleaners that you can rent, or you can purchase one. You may be able to find a steam cleaner also. If you rent one, they often come with a cleaning solution, or you may have to purchase this yourself. Follow the directions on the machine that you purchase. 

A professional carpeting cleaning company is the best and easiest way to clean your carpets. They can also give you tips on keeping your carpets looking new. For more information, contact a service such as Ed's Cleaning Service.

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