Tips For Making Over Your Wooden Deck Beautifully

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Tips For Making Over Your Wooden Deck Beautifully

16 August 2016
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If you have a deck, you probably like to spend a lot of time there. After all, a deck is the easiest way to enjoy the outdoors. However, perhaps it's been looking worn and faded. Or perhaps it's just time to update the space. Make over your wooden deck to beautify both your home and your outdoor lifestyle.

Clean and Maintain the Deck

Probably the most common culprit of a worn-looking deck is faded wood. Wooden decks are beautiful and generally add value to your house. However, they require pressure-washing periodically – at least at the beginning and ending of the deck season. With wooden decking, the most important consideration is deck staining. According to the Landscaping Network, wood decks require attention every one to two years, depending on the weather conditions of your locale. Pressure-treated wood, redwood and cedar require light sanding and either staining or sealing. Tropical hardwoods should be oiled yearly, especially with UV-inhibiting oils.

Add Another Material

If you want more of a change with your wooden deck, consider adding another material to the mix. Perhaps you could replace wooden steps with flagstone ones. Another option is to expand the deck slightly with a border of pavers. Changing out the railings is a relatively easy update. Replace wooden railings with tempered glass, cable or wrought iron for a completely fresh look. You could also replace your gateway posts with another material, such as stone or composite.

Build a Fire Pit

One way to make a big difference in both the look and use of your deck is by building a fire pit. Even with built-in designs, you have numerous options for style. For a large deck, especially if it's rustic in style, consider a stone fire pit. Built to resemble a bonfire, these fire rings provide an ideal gathering space. It's also possible to add a more modern fire pit with seating, especially if you have it constructed of concrete. For fuel, you can go traditional with wood or have it fed through a gas line. It's also possible to hook the fire up to propane.

Update the Lighting

You can enjoy your deck well into the evening if you have good lighting. Add on to traditional central lighting with ambient lighting. For example, at minimum you should add post accent lighting to indicate the exit. However, under-rail lighting can offer an attractive downlighting glow. Another option is adding recessed lights on the flooring of your wooden deck. Flush with the surface, recessed lights are a charming method for lighting an outdoor gathering.

Make over your wooden deck by cleaning and staining it before making beautiful additions.

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