Do Your Dogs Lick The Windows? 3 Tips To Clean Them Without Putting Your Dog At Risk

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Do Your Dogs Lick The Windows? 3 Tips To Clean Them Without Putting Your Dog At Risk

23 August 2016
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Keeping the windows in your home clean can be a challenge if your dogs are prone to licking the glass. There are many reasons why your dogs may be interested in licking the windows in your home, from getting excited at the sights outside to the glass surface simply feeling nice and cool when it's warm indoors. Whatever the reason may be for your dog's interest in licking the windows, it's a good idea to look into what should go into cleaning the windows and keeping them clean in the future.

To ensure that the windows are safely cleaned and kept looking great, consider the following tips.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals and Use Homemade Natural Cleaners

Since your dog is likely to lick the windows again, it's important that you make sure to use cleaning products that are safe for your dog to consume. While you don't want your dog to be drinking the cleaning solution directly, you can make sure that the windows will not be toxic for your dog by sticking with a natural and homemade cleaner. The vinegar solution with water and even a drop or two of dish soap should be safe for your dog to lick and can help give your windows a sparkling clean finish.

Drying the windows off thoroughly after washing them can also help ensure that your dog isn't more prone to licking the windows any more than necessary since they may be drawn to the water on the windows if left to dry naturally.

Keep Your Dog Confined While Cleaning Screens

Cleaning the screens of your windows should be just another part of routine cleaning for your windows, but it can also be a risk if you're worried about your dog escaping while the windows are open. A good way to ensure this doesn't happen is by confining your dog elsewhere while doing the bulk of the cleaning. This way, you can simply remove the window screens and give your windows a deep cleaning without the risk.

Try Deterrent Spray Near the Windows for Future Cleaning

After the windows have been cleaned, you may be curious about ways to stop your dog from licking the windows again. An effective way to do this is through using a deterrent spray near the windows. Something like bitter apple spray or even a lemon mixture can draw your dog away from the windows, making it easier for them to stay cleaner for longer.

Cleaning the windows in your home when you have dogs can be a tough job, but it can be much easier if you take your time to look into what kinds of practices can ensure that your windows stay clean and that your dog won't be much of a problem. For professional assistance, consider contacting a company like Walker's Carpet Care & Janitorial Services Inc.

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