Signs You Need Commercial Chimney Repair And Cleaning

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Signs You Need Commercial Chimney Repair And Cleaning

30 April 2019
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When your commercial chimney is in need of repair, you have to get the work done as soon as you can. The more quickly you address firebox and chimney issues, the safer your building is. Since the fireboxes and chimney components of a commercial chimney are often far more complex than those found in the residential sector, you need a commercial chimney repair specialist to do this work for you, not a residential chimney repair expert.

Here are signs you need professional chimney repair and cleaning for your commercial business. The sooner you get this work done, the better.

Smoke billows indoors

Do you have smoke billowing inside your building when you have the smokestacks going full strength? If smoke is coming inside, you have a ventilation issue that means your chimney needs to be cleaned out. Often, the creosote, a common byproduct of fire, gets built up around the inner lining of the chimney, creating a weakened path for smoke to escape. Or, the chimney lining itself can be damaged, leading to poorer ventilation.

At any rate, smoke billowing inside your building is not desirable or healthy. A quick inspection by your chimney expert will help you determine what the cause of your chimney issues are.

Fires don't stay lit

Are fires tampering down quickly and producing more smoke than usual? Are fires producing less heat and not staying lit? Chimney cleaning is a great way to solve this issue and help repair any lasting issues with your firebox. If you don't regularly clean out the firebox either yourself or via professional care, you're going to run into more fire-starting issues. Have your commercial chimney repair specialist visit regularly to inspect and clean out your chimney.

The chimney cap is broken or missing

The chimney cap on top of your commercial building's roof is one of the most important parts of your chimney, yet also one of the most forgotten. The cap keeps fire and sparks from damaging your rooftop and keeps rodents and birds at bay as well. If the cap is missing, broken, or loose, you need to have this issue addressed and taken care of right away. Your chimney repair specialist will take care of your chimney cap, replacing the unit with a new one if the chimney cap is broken beyond repair and needs more care.

Have your chimney inspected as instructed by your commercial chimney repair service. Even if nothing is wrong with your commercial chimney, regular inspections will keep everything in check.

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