Tips To Get Your Home Back Into Shape After The Holidays

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Tips To Get Your Home Back Into Shape After The Holidays

18 December 2019
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Holidays are a fun time to get together with friends and family, but once they are over your home may be in need of a good cleaning and extra care. And with all the decorations that you need to take down after the holidays, it can be difficult to find the time and the energy. Here are some recommendations for you to use to get your home in shape once the holidays are over.

Carpet Cleaning

During snowy weather, your carpets can get an extra dose of grit from boots and shoes tracking in ice melt products, sand, and kitty litter that may all be used to help keep traction on the sidewalks. These products can get deep into your carpets and damage the fibers and also leave their residue to harm pets and the environment inside your home.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner as a New Year's gift to yourself and your home. The great part about a professional carpet cleaner versus doing the job yourself is they use high powered equipment to clean and fully pull up all water, residues, and cleaning solutions to make sure your carpets don't get mildew or mold inside them, and they get clean.

Deep House Cleaning

You don't only want to give extra attention to your carpeting, but to the entire interior of your home. After holiday baking, parties, and gift-giving, your home can become neglected and extra dirty from all the foot traffic. When the holidays are over it is the perfect opportunity to deep clean your home to give it a nice sparkle again and to help you make it through until spring.

Hire a professional home cleaning service to clean all the areas in your home that get overlooked during weekly cleanings. This can include your refrigerator inside, on top of, and behind. Inside, on top of, and behind your stove and on top of your kitchen cabinets, as examples. Even the blades on your ceiling fans collect dust and residue whether they are being used or not and they need to be deep cleaned to remove excess dust that can cause allergies.

Your professional home cleaner will clean on the baseboards, underneath furniture, and around electronics. If you want them to wipe down your home's walls, this is also a great task that needs to be completed periodically. Although your walls are a vertical surface, you would be surprised at what builds up on them over time.

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