4 Reasons To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning ASAP

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4 Reasons To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning ASAP

19 January 2022
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Did you know frequent sneezing attacks in your home could be coming from dirty HVAC air ducts? The ducts can hold various pollutants and contaminants that could be lowering the air quality in your house and exposing your family to different risks. Considering the hours your family spends indoors, it makes sense to invest in safeguarding your family. Air duct cleaning removes these pollutants and keeps air ducts clear of impediments for smooth airflow. There are several reasons to schedule an inspection by air duct cleaning services ASAP:

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality 

 Air duct cleaning is vital in maintaining the air quality in your home. Ducts can hold pet contaminants that can trigger allergies in family members, including:

  • Dirt

  • Smoke 

  • Mold

  • Dust Mites

  • Pollen

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria

  • Fungus

  • Animal Dander

  • Lint

  • Insects

  • Animal Poison Pellets

  • Dead, small animals

  • Rodent Nests

  • Bird Nests

  • Animal Feces 

2. Restore HVAC Efficiency   

Indoor air pollutants can clog your air ducts, which in turn can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. The air ducts are like expressways. They have to be clear of debris for air to flow unimpeded. 

When the ducts are clogged, it is harder for air to move, making the AC work harder and consume more power. This inefficiency is compounded by dirty air filters that keep clogging and making the problem worse. Air duct cleaning makes airflow smooth again and restores the AC's efficiency.  

3. Clear Rodents and Vermin 

You may be surprised to find vermin such as rodents and bugs hiding in your air ducts. When these pests are trapped inside, they could be giving off odors causing health problems. These pests carry diseases. Common pests include rats, mice, cockroaches, and birds. 

These vermin will spread fast throughout the house using ductwork, especially starting with the kitchen. Therefore, you need air duct cleaning services to clear all these vermin and prevent the risks of diseases like food contamination.

4. Inspect For Duct Leaks 

Air duct cleaning services can also help you identify leaks in your air ducts that may have gone undetected for quite some time. Air ducts can develop leaks due to wear and tear from regular use. If left unattended, these leaks can lead to higher energy bills because of leaking heated air. Air duct services can identify leaks better during cleaning.

Do you feel the AC system is not distributing air as expected? Call air duct cleaning services to schedule an inspection and cleaning to restore the proper flow of clean air.  

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