2 Reasons You Should Never Attempt To Clean Your Home's Antique Rugs Yourself

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2 Reasons You Should Never Attempt To Clean Your Home's Antique Rugs Yourself

6 December 2022
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If your home's hardwood floors are covered with antique rugs that were passed down by family members, you want to make sure that they stay in the best condition possible. One thing that you need to do is to make sure that they are kept clean to prevent damage and wear created by excess dirt and grime.

To do this, you may be thinking about using a carpet cleaner to maintain the rugs yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should never attempt to clean antique rugs yourself, and instead, hire a service that specializes in cleaning them.

1. Using the Wrong Cleaners Could Fade or Bleach the Delicate Dyes

One reason why you should not attempt to clean your home's antique rugs yourself is that you may end up using the wrong cleaner while doing so. Unlike modern carpets, the dyes in your rugs are more delicate and prone to fading or bleaching.

If you use a standard, store-bought carpet cleaning solution, you may wind up destroying the colors on the rugs because the chemicals in the solution are too harsh. However, if you hire a professional service that specializes in different types of antique rugs, they will know which cleaning solution will be the gentlest and less likely to fade or ruin the dyes in the rugs.

2. Cleaning Antique Rugs Using the Wrong Technique and Equipment Can Damage the Fibers

Another reason why you should leave cleaning your antique rugs to a specialized service is that using the wrong technique and equipment will most likely damage the fibers. Unlike synthetic or machine-made rugs, antique ones often have hand woven fibers that need a gentler approach to keep them from breaking down or ripping out.

If you use a carpet cleaning machine without thinking about directions or settings, you may end up with rugs that are worn with several bare spots. However, a professional service will know how to approach the rugs during cleaning to keep from damaging the fibers.

When you have antique rugs, you should have them cleaned by a professional service instead of using conventional, do-it-yourself methods. They can ensure that the proper cleaning solutions are used to protect the colors as well as use the right technique and equipment to prevent damaging the fibers. If it is time to have your antique rugs cleaned professionally, contact a business in your area that offers specialized rug cleaning services to set up an appointment.

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