Preparing Your Office For Professional Cleaners

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Preparing Your Office For Professional Cleaners

26 January 2023
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When you hire office cleaners, they can only do an excellent job if you prepare the office space for them. To ensure they perform a thorough job and all aspects are covered, you must aid them in their key practices. Here are some ways you can prepare your office for professional cleaners.

Inform Your Employees 

First, you should inform your staff that commercial cleaners will come to clean the offices. This will ensure they don't get in the way of the cleaners. Also, this will ensure employees don't leave personal or delicate items at work. Furthermore, the staff will tidy and organize their workstations to prepare for the cleaning crew.


Another important task you should perform before the cleaners arrive is decluttering. Professional cleaners will not touch an area that is cluttered with papers and files. This is a precaution that ensures they don't lose or damage anything. 

Therefore, all the spaces you want to be cleaned should be decluttered before the cleaners come in. Sensitive materials should be moved to a designated area to allow the cleaners to work without distractions. If some clutter needs to stay, inform the cleaners to ignore it.

When decluttering the office space, remember the floor. Cleaning services involve carpet cleaning or floor buffering. Remove objects like briefcases, boxes, and other items from the floor. This will allow the cleaners full access to the floor space.

Clear Your Windows 

Office cleaning services include the windows and doors. Ensure you clear all items on your windows. Move furniture that may prevent the cleaners from accessing all parts of your windows. Remove window hangings and curtains. This will leave the windows clear and accessible.

Move Chairs to the Appropriate Desks

If you leave chairs sticking out, they will block the path of the cleaners. This means they will have to adjust the chairs when vacuuming or wiping down desks. Since the cleaners don't know where each chair belongs, workers will be confused about where their chairs are when they return to the office. Tuck in chairs at the appropriate desks to make it easier for cleaners to get around.

In Closing

Hiring office cleaning services comes with many benefits. First, the air is healthier, and there are fewer bacteria in restrooms and on work surfaces. This means there will be fewer sick days among employees. Additionally, commercially cleaned offices feel fresher and smell better, which improves employee morale. Your furniture, flooring, and carpets will also last longer. Make sure you regularly schedule office cleaning services to enjoy these benefits.

Contact a local commercial janitorial cleaning service to learn more. 

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