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Have Carpet In A Multistory Home? Get Carpet Cleaning To Avoid Any Complications

3 April 2018
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When you went house shopping, one of your priorities may have been getting a multistory property. Having a main floor, upper floor, and basement creates an interesting dynamic. But moving into this kind of home can get complicated when you have stairways to go up and down. You may also find that routine upkeep is more challenging compared to a single-story home. If you have been living in the home for a while, you may notice that the carpet is rather dirty. Read More …

Why There’s No Such Thing As “Surface Clean” With Water Damage

16 March 2017
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Water damage may appear to have many levels, but the truth of the matter is, when you see the stains produced by seeping water or leaking water, the damage goes much deeper. To clean and restore your home from water damage, you cannot expect to just clean the surface. In fact, there is no such thing as "surface clean" when it comes to water damage restoration. Here are several more reasons why. Read More …

3 Pieces Of Janitorial Equipment That Make Cleaning Easier

1 February 2017
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If you are a janitor, then you know just how important it is to have the proper cleaning equipment. This article is going to discuss 3 pieces of janitorial equipment that make cleaning easier.  Janitorial Cart  As a janitor, you are going to have several different supplies that you are going to need to use while you are cleaning. Going back and forth to get these supplies can take a great deal of time, especially if you are cleaning a large location. Read More …

Getting Grout Clean And Free Of Mold And Mildew

9 November 2016
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Though tile may be easy to clean, grout often isn't. Grout can become discolored with time and can even become the persistent source of mold and mildew. For those who want a sparkling clean bathroom or kitchen, this can be problematic. Here are a few steps to getting your grout looking like new again. Killing Off Mold and Mildew One of the biggest issues with grout tends to be recurring mold and mildew. Read More …

A House Cleaner Can Help You With These Arduous Tasks

9 November 2016
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When it comes to cleaning your home, you might not mind the weekly tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and straightening up your possessions. Other jobs, however, might not exactly be your cup of tea. Instead of ignoring these things, it's worthwhile to contact a local house-cleaning service to learn about its rates and what its staff can do for you. Even if you don't want to hire someone for general duties such as vacuuming, you can hire the service occasionally to take care of the cleaning jobs that you dislike. Read More …

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