How to Hire the Best Cleaning Service

Why Water Damage Requires the Use of a Professional Cleaning Service

If you find yourself with a flooded basement, you may be freaking out about what to do next. When a pipe bursts in your second-floor bathroom and leaks water into your living room, water damage can be extensive. Once you have had the plumbing problem or leak repaired, it’s time to get serious about getting your property back in order from the water damage. While you can use a shop vacuum to get some of the water, it’s almost impossible for a homeowner to take care of water-damage repairs on their own. Water can seep into areas and cause problems that you won’t find unless you are accustomed to dealing with such issues. Water Removal Is Difficult While you may be able to get rid of standing water, drying out your property without causing further damage can be hard. When you don’t have professional-quality fans that will dry out your home properly, it’s time to call a professional who can handle the job. Even a small amount of water or moisture left behind can wreak havoc on your home in the future. Water and moisture are a breeding ground for mold, and this is probably the number-one reason to get your water damage taken care of professionally. The Structural Integrity of Your Home May Be Compromised When a wall, floor, or ceiling gets wet, the drying-out process can cause damage. Sheet rock that gets wet and then dries out often becomes brittle. A professional water-damage restoration company will be able to assess the damage and let you know if your wall, floor, or ceiling will need to be replaced. While there may be obvious signs such as crumbling or breakage that will indicate the need for a repair, water damage can be more subtle.  Mold Grows When Water Remains Your health is important. Water left behind can create a mold problem in your home, and this can cause health problems for the people that live in your home. If you already have to deal with asthma or respiratory problems, it is essential that any water damage is removed by a professional. If the water was sitting for any length of time, mold can already be present. Inhaling this mold when you suffer from asthma can cause you to have respiratory distress. Keep the air quality in your home safe for everyone by getting rid of water damage.  For professional help, […]

3 Upholstery Cleaning Tips To Get Your Furniture Looking Like New Again

Has your sofa or couch seen better days? If your furniture has been the victim of a spill or maybe is just starting to look a bit weathered after years of use, your first thought might be to head to the furniture store and buy something new. But brand new furniture certainly isn’t cheap. Luckily, with the right tools, you might be able to clean your upholstery so that it looks just as good as the day it was purchased. Here are three upholstery cleaning tips to keep in mind. Always Check The Tags First Before you do anything to your furniture, you need to make sure you are not going to make the problem worse by disobeying the guidelines provided on your upholstery’s furniture tag. Make sure you won’t be using any substances or methods that don’t mix well with the type of furniture you will be cleaning. Know What Kind of Stain You Are Dealing With For effective cleaning, you need to know your enemy. Food stains like wine or stains from a pet typically can be handled with a steam cleaner. But for oil-based stains, you may need some specific chemicals. Vacuum Before Applying Steam or Any Cleaning Liquid You know all of those attachments for your vacuum cleaner that have stayed inside your closet for years? It’s time to actually put them to work. In order for steam or any other kind of cleaning to be effective, you need to make sure your furniture is clear of anything that might get in the way and complicate the process. Vacuum the upholstery all over, including under the cushions. You don’t want to suddenly discover a bunch of food crumbs while you are in the middle of a steam cleaning. So you’ve checked the tags, identified the stain, and given your upholstery a pre-cleaning vacuuming. Whether you are using steam or a chemical-based cleaner, it’s important to note that the stain might not completely remove itself with just one treatment. If you are having an especially difficult time removing a stain, there’s no shame in calling in a professional upholstery cleaning service for help, such as Atlantic Carpet Care. In fact, you may find the price of the cleaning service to be about equal to what you would have to pay to buy your own steamer or chemicals. Reach out to a local cleaning service today for more […]

Take Hurricane Recovery One Step At A Time

Whether hurricane season is sweeping its way across the coast or a distant memory of financial danger, it’s worth your time to have a plan for when devastating nature damages or completely takes away your property. Your life and the life of your loved ones are the most important, but it’s fair to think about getting back to a more normal, comfortable lifestyle. Here are a few areas worth your time as you recover from wind, flood, and debris damage after a stormy season. Broken Glass And Bashed Wood Projectiles can be dampened or deflected to some extent with boards or storm shutters, but there’s always a chance that your windows could be damaged during the storm. Replacement seems like a simple concept, but this destruction could be a chance for an upgrade. Make sure you file an insurance claim early, as every storm creates a wait time with increasing amounts of money being tossed around–and you’ll want access to a recovery budget as soon as possible.  If your old windows were standard panes with no real decorative flair, you could opt for something a bit more fancy. To get the best out of your replacement budget, consider windows that offer energy-saving and temperature managing features. There are multiple brands boasting shading and light filtering features with a variety of effects, but the main goal is to keep a useful amount of sunlight coming through the windows while slightly reducing internal temperatures during the summer. For the winter, you may want to consider inspecting and/or replacing your window frames, sills and other window area infrastructure in case of leaks. Anything broken could be a new leak, so don’t think that this advice is just for people with older homes. If something was compromised, consider replacement. Water Damage Cleaning And Replacement Water can devastate many things about the home, especially when it comes to water logged beams, boards and furniture. If it’s supporting your home and damaged by the water, put in an insurance claim and get the damage replaced as soon as possible. Rot and simple weakness over time can make a much more expensive, collapsing problem if you’re not careful. At a less drastic, but more noticeable level, how is your furniture? Do you need reupholstered furniture, or spots removed from unplanned water damage? In your home was flooded and an amazing sofa was soiled as it soaked up dirty water, don’t just […]

How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpeting

If you feel like you need to replace the carpeting in your home but don’t have the funds for it at the moment, you can extend its life by treating it with a little TLC. Deep cleaning the floor covering won’t just make it smell better and feel fresher beneath your feet, but it will look better as well. Renewing your carpet can end up saving you hundreds of dollars and allow you to put off replacement for a few years. Here are some tips for breathing new life into your old carpeting: Reduce the Dirt If you don’t have a “no shoes” policy in your home already, enact one now. Having your family members and guests take their shoes off at the door keeps the dirt and debris outside, rather than on your carpet. Not only does dirty carpeting look dull and discolored, but it can also be unhealthy, especially if you have little ones crawling around on the floor. Reducing the amount of dirt on the flooring also means reducing the amount of time you vacuum on a weekly basis. This will also keep your flooring looking fresher as too much vacuuming can cause wear and tear on the carpet fibers. Invest in a Good Vacuum Another way to reduce the amount of times you need to vacuum each week is by investing in a good vacuum cleaner. Look for a vacuum that has enough power to pull dirt, hair, pet fur, and other debris out from deep within the carpet fibers, which will also make the flooring look renewed. If your vacuum’s brushes are worn out or the belt doesn’t work efficiently anymore, consider replacing it with a new model. Evenly Distribute Wear and Tear If the carpeting in the middle of a room is starting to look old, dirty, and faded, rotate the furniture to redistribute the foot traffic. You’ll notice that the carpet under the big furniture pieces, such as a sofa or a bed, looks newer than the exposed flooring. After the more worn-out areas are covered with furniture, the now-exposed carpet will look newer and fresher. Get the Carpet Professionally Cleaned Having your carpet professionally steam-cleaned will remove years of dirt, grime, and stains from the flooring, giving it a refreshed appearance for a lot less than the cost of replacement. Contact a company like Easy Clean Carpet Care for more information about […]

Heading Out On Vacation? 3 Essential Places In Your Home To Show Your House Sitter For Managing An Emergency

Planning for a vacation is full of excitement, and you have already prepped your house sitter for your time away by leaving a detailed to-do list that covers every thing from pet care to where to drop the mail. Yet, there are a few things that often get left out that are critical for keeping your home and house sitter safe in the event of an emergency. Before you leave your driveway, make sure your sitter is aware of where these areas of your home are located and how to handle a sudden catastrophe. Identify and Practice Shutting Off the Water Valves Water leaks are one of the most damaging events that can happen while you are away, especially if they go undetected. Make sure your sitter knows where to find both the main water shut off valve and the ones associated with each sink and toilet. If they are tricky to turn, then have them practice using the valve. This way, they can shut off the water quickly and hopefully preserve your home. In the event that a substantial leak occurs, have a water damage restoration team like Servpro Of Washington County clean out your home so issues such as mold are kept under control. Locate the Breaker Box Being able to quickly shut off the electricity prevents fires, and it can also save your sitter from being shocked if a major water leak occurs near an electrical outlet or appliance. Take your house sitter to the main fuse box, and show them the breakers for each area of your home. If possible, mark them so that they do not have to second guess themselves in an emergency. Show Where to Shelter in Place During an Emergency Every home has certain areas that are more likely to withstand high winds and other types of inclement weather. Show your house sitter where your family goes during tornado and other types of community warnings. Then, let them know where they can find a first aid kit and other emergency provisions that will ensure their comfort and safety should a threatening event occur. Having a house sitter you can trust while you are away is worth its weight in gold. Return the favor by making sure your house sitter is fully prepared to handle any situation that comes their way. By covering the critical areas of your home, you can prevent the […]

Two Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Hire A Maid Service

If you’re like many people, your life is incredibly busy.  Whether it’s because you’re a working professional or due to family responsibilities, cleaning your home may prove to be one of the items at the end of your to-do list.  While you may feel a bit of discomfort as you look around your home, there’s no reason to fret.  Hiring a house cleaning service could be the answer that you’ve been looking for.  Use this information to learn more about why now is the time to bring a maid service to your home. House Cleaning Is More Affordable Than Ever One of the main reasons why you should hire a house cleaning service is because it’s now more affordable than ever.  If you’ve been thinking that maid services are only for the rich and famous, you are mistaken. There are so many affordable home cleaning services on the market that it just doesn’t make sense to pass it up.  Some services even divide up your house to make it even more budget-friendly.  For example, you may make it a point to clean up your master bedroom and bathroom, along with your children’s rooms, but just can’t seem to get to the kitchen and living areas.  You can pay for these services a la carte, which can make all the difference in your pay rate. The key is using the Internet to your advantage so you can find a cleaner who fits within your financial limitations.  Even if you have someone do one room, it may be worth the price, since that frees up more time for you to devote to work or family. A Clean House Unclutters Your Mind If you find yourself looking at loads of unwashed laundry, napkins and other trash piled up in the corner, and a sink that’s piled high with dishes, you can start to feel a bit cluttered yourself.  That’s why it’s so vital to make maid services a top priority. Some people wouldn’t dream of not having regular landscaping services, but don’t understand that cleaning services are just as valuable.  You can find a cleaner who will tidy up your abode to your specifications so you can feel nothing but peace as you relax at home. Hiring a home cleaning service could prove to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  Don’t wait; contact a maid service, such as English Maids, so […]

Worried About Mold Growth On Your Tile Floor Bathroom? 3 Ways To Stop It

Keeping your bathroom smelling nice and feeling clean can be much easier when you invest some time into stopping mold from ever becoming an issue. When you have tile flooring in your bathroom, you need to look into what can be done to keep it clean and free of mold. Once you have tile flooring installed, take the time to consider the following tips and what you can do to stop mold from ever becoming a major issue. Make Sure a Bathroom Fan is Installed In order for your bathroom to have moving air so that mildew isn’t as big of a risk, you should get a bathroom fan installed. What a fan will do is make sure the air moved comfortably throughout your bathroom so that stagnant air doesn’t lead to excessive mold growth. With a bathroom fan installed, you won’t need to worry as much about mold since it will keep the air moving. To make sure the fan is as effective as possible, remember to turn it on before showering or bathing and leave it on until the bathroom dries afterwards. By keeping it on whenever your bathroom is going to have a lot of moisture in the air, you can ensure that the bathroom is well ventilated and that moisture isn’t left to sit and eventually lead to mildew growth. Keep Up with Good Ventilation Ventilation can make the biggest difference in how comfortable your bathroom is. In addition to adding a bathroom fan, keeping a window opened while showering or having a vent installed above your bathroom door can keep the air circulating so that your bathroom is more comfortable without major construction work. Make a Habit of Routine Cleaning for Mold If you’re concerned that mold can still be an issue in your bathroom, it’s a smart idea to make routine cleaning a habit. Setting up a quick cleaning kit in your bathroom with ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda can make it easy to scrub the tile flooring so that mold won’t grow in between the grout. As you look into what you can do to make your bathroom more comfortable, you need to focus on what you can do to stop mold from ever being an issue. With the above tips, you can make certain that your tile flooring stays looking its best so mold will not become an issue. If […]

Two Ways To Manage Your Cleaning Service’s Stuff

When it comes to commercial office cleaning, there are usually two ways to manage the equipment and supplies. Your cleaning service may ask you if they can have a maintenance closet for their stuff, or they may bring it with them. There are pros and cons to each, but you may find one way more appealing than the other. Storing Commercial Office Cleaning Equipment Onsite If you already store cleaning supplies for the office in a supply closet, it is not that much of a stretch to put the cleaning service’s equipment in there as well. The benefits to allowing the cleaning service to store their cleaning carts and machines in the closet are the following: Easy and convenient storage for the cleaners Protection of the equipment so that it does not get stolen or broken in transit by the cleaning crew Less time wasted hauling carts and machines in and out of the building and more time cleaning things that matter Here are the drawbacks to allowing your cleaning service to store equipment in your supply closet: You have to give supply closet keys to the crew so they can access the closet when you are not there Waxing, buffing, and polishing equipment for the floors, along with the cleaning cart, takes up a lot of room The supply closet always smells like cleaning chemicals and garbage Requiring the Cleaning Service to Haul in Their Own Equipment as Needed The other way to manage your cleaning service’s equipment is to request and require that the crew bring it with them every time. The benefits to making this request are as follows: You do not have to find space in your building or office for their equipment You do not have to worry about strange smells or chemical odors coming from the supply closet You do not have to supply the cleaners with keys to give them access to anything other than the front and back doors Here are the drawbacks to not storing cleaning equipment and extra supplies for the cleaners: If the cleaners forget some supplies or machines they need, they cannot finish the cleaning tasks they would normally do If they break a machine or their machines are broken as a result of hauling them around, they cannot buffer, wax, or polish tile or stone floors If they run out of cleaning supplies, they have to leave […]

Kids Making Your Windows Dirty? Tips For How To Clean Them

Finding messes caused by your kids is every parent’s nightmare. For instance, you go to open the curtains and find that they’ve put stickers on the windows, as well as hand prints everywhere. You will want to get the windows clean again, but may not know how to do it. Thankfully, there are some natural methods of cleaning the window to make it look clear once again. Here are some tips for cleaning two common problems caused by kids. Removing Stickers Peeling stickers off with your fingernails will take a long time, and you will have problems getting the residue from the glue off the glass. It is actually quite easy to remove them if you know how to do it. Gather some simple supplies that you most likely have around your home. This includes some non-stick cooking spray, a razor blade, and some paper towel. Start by spraying the sticker with the cooking spray, and let it soak into the sticker for about half an hour. Then use a razor blade and scrape off the sticker from the window. The grease from the cooking spray should help the sticker come right off in a single piece. Then wipe off the glass with the paper towel to remove any remnants of the sticker and the cooking spray. Cleaning Hand Prints Did your kids somehow leave a sticky imprint on your windows with some mystery substance? Instead of using a cleaner from the store to clean it, you can create one with items that you have in your home as well. You’ll need the following items: Water (1 gallon) Rubbing alcohol (2 cups) Dish washing detergent (1 tbsp) Lemon juice (1 tbsp) Ammonia (3/4 cup) Bucket Spray bottle Soft cloth Steel wool Fill a bucket up with water, then mix in the rubbing alcohol, dish detergent, lemon juice, and ammonia. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, and apply it to your windows, letting it sit for a few minutes. Spray your cleaning solution directly onto some steel wool, then use it to scrub the windows using a circular motion. Use the soft cloth to wipe the windows until they are clean. The best way to keep your windows clean is to hire a company to regularly clean them for you. Reach out to a local company like VIP Cleaning Services Inc that can clean both the inside and outside of the […]

3 Common Household Items That Can Clean Your Carpets

If you are like most homeowners, you have had your fair share of stains and spills on the carpet. As the stains manifest themselves, you are probably wondering if you need to call for professionals or if you can treat the problem yourself. It is always a good idea to call a professional, but in some cases you may not be able to. Luckily, there are some common household items that you can use to clean your carpets. Here are a few. 1. Dishwasher Soap Many people mistakenly think that dishwasher soap only works in the dishwasher. Although it is effective at cleaning dishes, it can also clean grease off your carpets. Dishwasher soap has a grease-fighting formula that will break up grease and remove it from any surface it comes in contact with, even carpet. In order to clean your carpets with dishwasher soap, take the soap and mix it with water to make a solution. Then spray it on the greased area and let it sit for just a few moments, after which you blot it up with a clean towel. You may need to do this multiple times depending on the stain, but eventually you will see a difference. 2. Club Soda Club soda is probably one of the most versatile cleaning supplies there is. You may think it is only for drinking, but it is known to be very effective in cleaning stains off the upholstery and carpet. Simply put the club soda on any stain or dirty area and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then blot it up and you will be amazed at how much dirt came up with it. This is an inexpensive, yet great way to clean small stains off your carpets. 3. Baking Soda Assume that you have cleaned up the area so that it looks good, but now there is an unpleasant smell that you simply cannot get rid of. Baking soda is a great deodorizer. You can sprinkle it on any surface and it will help to remove odors. Ideally you should let the baking soda sit for a long period of time, even over night if possible. Then vacuum up the soda from the area, and enjoy the clean, odorless smell from your carpet. You should be doing this regularly regardless of whether or not there were visible stains and problems. These are just 3 […]