Maintaining Your Carpet With Routine Carpet Care

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Maintaining Your Carpet With Routine Carpet Care

29 July 2015
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Carpet cleaning is an essential part of ensuring that your home looks great and is an inviting space for entertaining guests. Whether you have pets that tend to make a lot of mess or your home receives a lot of foot traffic from visitors, it's up to you to make sure the carpet remains in good shape.

While investing in a vacuum cleaner is a good first step, you'll benefit by exploring the other things you can do to keep the carpet looking like new.

Prioritize Vacuums Designed for Carpet

When you begin shopping for a new vacuum, it's easy to be swayed by features such as self-winding cords and bagless designs, but it's important that you make carpet cleaning your main focus. This means looking for vacuum models that contain a roller brush and HEPA filter that will help trap dust and allergens from your carpet.

Have a Spot Cleaning Kit on Hand

The number one reasons that stains and other issues occur with carpeting is a lack of immediate attention to spills. Spot treating needs to become your priority when having carpeting since many spills can quickly turn to permanent stains if left alone. From coffee grounds to wine being spilled on the carpet, you need to have a kit that includes carpet brushes, towels, and solutions such as baking soda and store-bought cleaning products.

Make Time for Deep Cleaning

While vacuuming and spot treating is a good way to keep your carpeting in good shape, it won't be as effective for keeping your carpet in good shape as the years pass. In order to keep the carpet looking its best in the years to come, you'll want to schedule deep cleaning from time to time.

Deep cleaning should include moving any furniture off the carpeting, reaching the baseboards, and cleaning other difficult to reach spaces on your carpet.

Look Into Options for Alternative Cleaning

Even with the investment of a quality vacuum cleaner, you may not get the results you need in older carpet that's been worn down over the years. Another options for a home appliance you can invest in to keep the carpeting clean is a steam cleaner.

The steam helps to loosen dirt and other debris that have gotten your carpets dirty, allowing you to get an even deeper clean.

Being patient as you explore your options for cleaning the carpet at home can make all the difference in the kind of results you get. With a focus on home cleaning solutions, you'll be able to maintain your carpet between professional cleanings. 

For further suggestions on carpet maintenance, reach out to local carpet cleaners, like Kleen As A Whistle.

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