Affordable and Great at-Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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Affordable and Great at-Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

17 September 2015
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Do you have kids and small pets in your home? If so, then carpet messes may be easy to come by, and these can hurt the appearance of your home. Rather than utilizing a cleaning company or spending a great deal of money on carpet cleaning products, you may want to try your own at-home carpet cleaning methods. This is a great option, as you don't have to worry about toxic carpet-cleaning chemicals that you may find in most cleaning products. To do your own carpet cleaning services with animal- and children-friendly solutions, you may want to try these:

White Vinegar Cleaning

If you are dealing with stains that are caused by your pets, such as vomit, bathroom accidents, or mud, then you will want to try using a white vinegar cleaning solution. After adding a small amount of white vinegar into a bottle of warm water, you can apply this concoction onto the stain. The white vinegar will help remove the stain and will also ensure there's no embarrassing odor that gets left behind.

Laundry Soap

Dealing with food stains? If you are then you may not want to second guess the power of your laundry soap. Like it does with clothing stains, your detergent can work the same magic on your carpet. Not only is this a great way to remove nasty food stains, but this will also be a great way to mask an odor so your carpet can immediately smell fresh. Using laundry soap won't only improve the appearance and smell of your carpet, but it can restore your carpet without damages and without the need to spend hours trying to remove the stain. Just saturate the stain with water and apply a bit of laundry soap to it, then scrub.

Baking Soda

Beverage stains like wine, coffee, and soda can be very scary to deal with, especially if your carpet is a light color. If you are dealing with these types of carpet stains then baking soda may be your new best friend. Baking soda can penetrate the surface of the stain, which will lift residue and the stain off from your carpet. To attempt this method, you will want to wet the stained area with warm water and then apply your baking soda. Scrub and brush against the stain and you will likely see results faster than you think. The best part is that once you are done with this option, you can wait for the baking soda to dry up and vacuum it immediately so that there are no harmful products laying around for your pets or kids to get into.

These three methods are all very easy to do on your own and can even save you a good amount of money. Not only are they healthy to perform around your children or pets, but they can be very effective, which will allow you to get difficult stains out of your carpet without having to shop for special carpet cleaning solutions. If you have an extra-stubborn stain, though, contact a cleaning service near you and be sure to let them know you'd prefer nontoxic cleaners in your home.

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