Spring Cleaning Tips For Indoor Allergy Sufferers

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Indoor Allergy Sufferers

30 August 2016
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For many homeowners, the point of spring cleaning is to make the home look cleaner. But when you're an allergy sufferer, you should have a bigger goal in mind: eliminating as many allergens as possible. Here are a few tips to help eradicate those allergens more thoroughly during your spring cleaning endeavors.

Clean everything else first – and then the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet is a very important part of spring cleaning since carpets tend to hold onto allergens. But if you clean your carpet first and then clean everything else, many of the allergens you wipe of furniture and knock off your sofa will end up right back on the carpet. So, clean everything else in your home, and then have the carpet cleaning company come. This could be good motivation to actually get your spring cleaning done on time. Schedule that carpet cleaning appointment a week or two out, and you'll have to be efficient to get everything else done by then.

Dry the carpet quickly.

Once reason why it's good to have a professional clean your carpet rather than doing it yourself is that the professional equipment can suck more water out of the carpet so that it dries more quickly. This is important when you're an allergy sufferer, since lingering moisture in the carpet can lead to mold formation and can also cause other allergens to cling to the carpet.

If you do choose to clean the carpet yourself, make sure you go over it an extra time with your steam cleaner on the suction only setting. Set up several fans to increase air circulation and speed drying time.

Change your air filter before turning the AC on.

In the spring, your heat has typically been off for a while. Before you turn the AC on for the warmer weather, change the filter in your system. This way, there will be a clear, effective filter in place to trap any allergens that have been hiding out in your ductwork.

Use dusting cloths that actually trap allergens.

If you just sweep surfaces back and forth with a feather duster or soft cloth, you'll disperse the allergens through the air and just create more of the mess. Try dusting with a microfiber cloth, which will do a better job of clinging to the allergen particles. Always use some sort of fluid cleaner, even if it's just vinegar and water, as this will keep particles on the cloth.

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