Heading Out On Vacation? 3 Essential Places In Your Home To Show Your House Sitter For Managing An Emergency

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Heading Out On Vacation? 3 Essential Places In Your Home To Show Your House Sitter For Managing An Emergency

7 October 2016
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Planning for a vacation is full of excitement, and you have already prepped your house sitter for your time away by leaving a detailed to-do list that covers every thing from pet care to where to drop the mail. Yet, there are a few things that often get left out that are critical for keeping your home and house sitter safe in the event of an emergency. Before you leave your driveway, make sure your sitter is aware of where these areas of your home are located and how to handle a sudden catastrophe.

Identify and Practice Shutting Off the Water Valves

Water leaks are one of the most damaging events that can happen while you are away, especially if they go undetected. Make sure your sitter knows where to find both the main water shut off valve and the ones associated with each sink and toilet. If they are tricky to turn, then have them practice using the valve. This way, they can shut off the water quickly and hopefully preserve your home. In the event that a substantial leak occurs, have a water damage restoration team like Servpro Of Washington County clean out your home so issues such as mold are kept under control.

Locate the Breaker Box

Being able to quickly shut off the electricity prevents fires, and it can also save your sitter from being shocked if a major water leak occurs near an electrical outlet or appliance. Take your house sitter to the main fuse box, and show them the breakers for each area of your home. If possible, mark them so that they do not have to second guess themselves in an emergency.

Show Where to Shelter in Place During an Emergency

Every home has certain areas that are more likely to withstand high winds and other types of inclement weather. Show your house sitter where your family goes during tornado and other types of community warnings. Then, let them know where they can find a first aid kit and other emergency provisions that will ensure their comfort and safety should a threatening event occur.

Having a house sitter you can trust while you are away is worth its weight in gold. Return the favor by making sure your house sitter is fully prepared to handle any situation that comes their way. By covering the critical areas of your home, you can prevent the worst types of damage that could occur due to water, fire, and inclement weather.

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