Why Water Damage Requires the Use of a Professional Cleaning Service

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Why Water Damage Requires the Use of a Professional Cleaning Service

25 October 2016
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If you find yourself with a flooded basement, you may be freaking out about what to do next. When a pipe bursts in your second-floor bathroom and leaks water into your living room, water damage can be extensive. Once you have had the plumbing problem or leak repaired, it's time to get serious about getting your property back in order from the water damage. While you can use a shop vacuum to get some of the water, it's almost impossible for a homeowner to take care of water-damage repairs on their own. Water can seep into areas and cause problems that you won't find unless you are accustomed to dealing with such issues.

Water Removal Is Difficult

While you may be able to get rid of standing water, drying out your property without causing further damage can be hard. When you don't have professional-quality fans that will dry out your home properly, it's time to call a professional who can handle the job. Even a small amount of water or moisture left behind can wreak havoc on your home in the future. Water and moisture are a breeding ground for mold, and this is probably the number-one reason to get your water damage taken care of professionally.

The Structural Integrity of Your Home May Be Compromised

When a wall, floor, or ceiling gets wet, the drying-out process can cause damage. Sheet rock that gets wet and then dries out often becomes brittle. A professional water-damage restoration company will be able to assess the damage and let you know if your wall, floor, or ceiling will need to be replaced. While there may be obvious signs such as crumbling or breakage that will indicate the need for a repair, water damage can be more subtle. 

Mold Grows When Water Remains

Your health is important. Water left behind can create a mold problem in your home, and this can cause health problems for the people that live in your home. If you already have to deal with asthma or respiratory problems, it is essential that any water damage is removed by a professional. If the water was sitting for any length of time, mold can already be present. Inhaling this mold when you suffer from asthma can cause you to have respiratory distress. Keep the air quality in your home safe for everyone by getting rid of water damage. 

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