Care Tips To Keep Your Home's Carpet Looking Great

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Care Tips To Keep Your Home's Carpet Looking Great

8 November 2018
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Carpet is a common amenity that can improve the value, aesthetics, and comfort of a home. Yet, it will have different care and cleaning needs than other flooring materials.

Appreciate The Need To Vacuum The Carpet At Least Weekly

Vacuuming the carpet is one of the most essential types of maintenance that can be done for it. When the carpet is vacuumed, the various pieces of dirt and dust that will get deep into the fibers can be removed. If these substances are allowed to remain in the carpet, they can cause it to smell as well as lead to serious discoloration. The coarse particles of the dirt can gradually wear on the fibers of the carpet. In fact, it can even lead to these fibers fraying or being more likely to detach from the rest of the carpet. A vacuuming attachment that has a brush will be the most effective at jarring these particles loose from deep within the fibers.

Invest In A Spot Treatment Kit For Your Carpet

Instances involving spilled drinks, food, or other staining materials on the carpet can be an immediate cause for concern. If these substances are not immediately cleaned up, they can cause the carpet to be permanently discolored. Unfortunately, homeowners that do not keep a stain treatment kit in storage will be at a much greater disadvantage when it comes to this task. These kits usually consist of a small amount of fluid that can be applied to the stain. This fluid will prevent the stain from being able to soak into the fibers. Some of the discolorations may still be visible after using these treatments, but this should be able to be removed as long the stained area is steamed cleaned as soon as possible.

Recognize The Potential Damage Furniture Can Cause Your Carpet

Furniture can be surprisingly damaging to carpet due to its heavy weight and the presence of sharp edges along the base. Over time, these pieces of furniture can actually start to dig into and cut the carpet. Using a protective mat can be the best option for preventing this type of damage from occurring to the carpet.

Identify The Areas That Will Need Particularly Intensive Care

There are some areas of the carpet that will be at a much greater risk of suffering damage from wear and tear. For example, the carpet near doorways or other entries are more prone to wear and tear. Also, areas where pets sleep or eat can also be more prone to suffering excessive wear. By being aware of these areas, you can be more equipped to take proactive steps to prevent your home's carpet from suffering permanent discoloration or excessive wear.

For more tips or to schedule a professional cleaning, reach out to local carpet cleaning services.

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