Tips For Caring For Your Office Floor

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Tips For Caring For Your Office Floor

20 September 2019
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Office floors get a lot of traffic. As such, if you do not want them to start looking dirty, worn, and dingy, you need to take great care of them. A dirty floor won't reflect well on your business or make your employees excited to come to work. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your office floor clean and in good shape.

Invest in Good Door Mats

In an office building, doormats are more than an aesthetic feature. Since people leave their shoes on at work, the doormats are meant to catch and remove mud and dirt from their shoes before they walk across the floor. Look for doormats with a really tough, nappy texture that will grab onto dirt. Jute mats are a good choice if your office has a more natural look or is trying to go green. Otherwise, rubber mats with textured treads will work well. Make sure you always have multiple mats by each entry so employees remember to wipe their feet when coming into the office.

Put Area Rugs Down in High-Traffic Areas

Identify the areas where people walk most often. Certain halls and the spaces in front of office doors tend to get lots of traffic. Put area rugs down in these areas. Choose ones with rubberized backing so they do not slip. Area rugs serve a couple of purposes. First, they prevent the floor finish from experiencing wear. Second, they grab onto dirt and debris, so you can remove such dirt just by washing the carpet, rather than the whole floor.

Make Sure Cleaners Clean Beneath the Rugs

When your cleaning team does clean the floors, make sure they actually pick up doormats and area rugs to clean around and beneath them. Otherwise, dirt may build up beneath the mat, causing friction against the floor that leads to wear. They do not have to clean under the rugs every time they clean, but they should do so at least once a month.

Keep the Edges Clean

Often, cleaning teams will do a good job of mopping or vacuuming the middle of the floor, but they may not go back around the edges. Make sure your cleaning team uses a vacuum with a wand attachment to suck dirt and dust out of the corners and the creases between the walls and floors. This will make your whole space look cleaner.

For more information, call an office floor cleaning service.

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