4 Tricks To Keeping Your Carpet Clean This Winter

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4 Tricks To Keeping Your Carpet Clean This Winter

3 November 2019
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Wintertime can be really hard on carpets. Lots of dirt, snow, sludge, and salt can get tracked into your home during the winter months. If you want to keep your carpets looking great this winter, you need to have a good offensive plan. 

Trick #1: Put Rugs at Your Entrances 

The first thing you need to do is stop the dirt from getting into your home and on your carpet in the first place. Put a rug inside and outside each door to your home. This two-rug system will help dry and clean everyone's shoes before they step into your home. This will help protect your carpets. 

Trick #2: Create a Mudroom 

Not every home has a mudroom where you can take off your shoes and contain the dirt. If you don't have a dedicated mudroom in your home, you can still create one of your own. Put a large rug down in your entryway, install some hooks for coats and scarfs, and put up some shelving with a bench for all of your shoes.  

Then, insist that everyone in your home take off their shoes in your mudroom area. Prohibit shoes from going beyond the large rug in your entrance area, and keep things organized with shelves and hooks. Setting up and creating your own mudroom will help prevent muddy footprints on your carpet, and will help keep your home cleaner overall.  

Trick #3: Have a Cleaning Kit Ready 

You can't protect your carpets from all stains, but you can have a cleaning kit ready so that, when a spill or stain happens, you have the supplies on hand so you can save and protect your carpet. 

First, you need some rags you don't care about that you can use to blot at the stain to remove it from your carpet. Mix up a solution of one-part white vinegar and one-part water in a handheld sprayer. This is a great homemade cleaning solution that you can spray on a stain, let sit for ten minutes, and then use a rag to soak up the stain.  

You can also keep a can of shaving cream in your kit. Shaving cream works really well at removing stains. Just spray the stain with the shaving cream, let it sit for about half an hour, and then blot at the stain.  

Trick #4: Steam Clean Your Carpets 

Finally, at least once a winter, take some time to steam clean your carpets. You can rent a steam cleaner, purchase your own, or hire someone to steam clean your carpets. Steam cleaning helps removes stains and lift up ground-in dirt from your carpets, really making them clean. 

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean this winter, put rugs at your entrances and create your own mud-room area to prevent your carpets from getting dirty. Create a carpet cleaning kit so you can tackle any stain that occurs, and steam clean your carpets at least once this winter. For more information, contact a company like Conscientious Carpet Care today.

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