Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner For Longer

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Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner For Longer

15 July 2020
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Hard water and soap scum stains that are plastered across tiles, pieces of hair that are dotting the vanity countertop, and piles of laundry that are strewn across the flooring are all signs of a poorly-maintained bathroom. If you have professional cleaners tidying up your residence on a monthly basis and you would like to keep the master bathroom freshened up between cleaning appointments, some basic changes in how you utilize the space will make it possible for you to enjoy the cleanliness of the space on a daily basis.

Use The Same Type Of Tools And Replacement Products

If you are someone who pays attention to detail, you may have noticed the cleaning equipment that your professional cleaning crew uses, or maybe you have posed some questions to the cleaners which gave you insight on how specific cleaning tasks were going to be performed. In between visits from them, you can use some of the same practices to keep your bathroom looking nice.

If you are still allowing bathroom tiles to air dry or if you and your spouse are using minimal effort to wipe down the shower and bathtub walls after showering and bathing, unattractive stains may be forming at a relatively quick pace.

Your cleaning crew may use a foaming product that breaks down tough stains. They may also use a rubber-tipped squeegee on the tiling to clear it of water before it dries. You can implement this cleaning method after each bath or shower.

Replace standard soap products that lather extensively with vegetable-based or glycerin soaps, which won't leave an unsightly film on tiles. In addition to keeping the walls dry and well-maintained, your cleaning crew won't have to make as much of an effort on a subsequent cleaning session, which could potentially decrease your cleaning bill.     

Less Hair To Clean Up And A Clean Floor

Don't compromise the cleanliness of the vanity countertop or flooring by encouraging your spouse to continue his typical shaving schedule or by tossing dirty garments onto clean portions of the floor. One way to keep the top of the counter clean is by draping a plastic cover across portions of the counter that are directly in view of where your husband will be shaving. Purchase a roll of perforated plastic or separate plastic sheets that can be used for draping purposes. After each shaving session, the plastic barrier that has hair on it can be folded and tossed into the trash.

To maintain the flooring, use a hamper to store all dirty laundry and add one or more additional clothes washing and drying days to your weekly schedule, to prevent the overflow of dirty laundry.

For more tips on keeping your bathroom clean, contact your house cleaning service.

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