Questions You May Have When Having Your Home Restored From Flood Damage

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Questions You May Have When Having Your Home Restored From Flood Damage

22 September 2021
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Arriving home to find your house damaged by a flood can be heartbreaking. It's so sad to see your walls, furniture, and floors all water damaged, peeling, and moldy. Thankfully, water damage restoration companies can fix all of this, but you might have a few questions you'd like answered as they're getting to work.

What are the major steps in the process?

Water damage restoration consists of a lot of steps, and to some degree, the steps will depend on the materials included in your home and how much damage they have suffered. However, the major steps in the process are the same regardless. They are:

1. Water extraction: The major water will be pumped out of your home, and then big fans and dehumidifiers will be used to remove moisture from the air.

2. Material removal: Any materials that cannot be effectively dried and repaired will be removed from the home.

3. Rebuilding: The structures that can be rebuilt and restored will be. The water damage restoration team may call in various experts, like HVAC technicians and drywall builders, to complete various parts of this project.

How long will it take?

Again, this will depend on the extent of the damage. However, most homes can be restored within a few weeks. The drying process will take up to a week, and then material removal may take another day or two. The rebuilding process is the most time-consuming and may take anywhere from a week to several months. Restoration contractors are aware that homeowners want to get back into their homes ASAP, so they try to work as efficiently as possible.

Why can't you do the restoration yourself?

There are a few reasons why you should always hire a professional to do water damage restoration. First of all, this type of work requires a lot of specialized equipment, from high-powered fans to water pumps. It would often cost more to buy this equipment than to hire a restoration company. Second, water damage restoration can be dangerous. The water often harbors infectious bacteria and fungi. Professionals know how to keep themselves safe around this water with the proper clothing and protocols.

If your home has suffered flood damage, call a professional water damage restoration team in your area. They can safely dry out and rehabilitate your home on a reasonable timeline, allowing you to move back in and enjoy the space once again. For more information, contact a local company, like All Things Restored LLC.

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