What To Do If You Discover Black Mold In Your Home

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What To Do If You Discover Black Mold In Your Home

9 November 2021
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If you recently discovered an area in your house where black mold is present, you want to take fast action in having it removed. Black mold can cause respiratory issues, making it a necessity to protect those in your household from coming in contact with it after it is noticed. Here are steps to take if you are dealing with a black mold issue.

Get Your Home Inspected And Tested

If you are unsure about what type of mold you have growing within your home, or if you are worried that it is located in areas that you cannot see easily, it is best to contact a mold inspection service to test your home's interior. A professional will be dispatched to your home to take a look at the mold you have noticed. They will use equipment to test this mold and conduct a search for additional areas that may be in need of treatment. This takes away the guesswork about the type of mold present, helping you to eradicate the problem quickly and correctly.

Stay Away From Affected Areas

Since black mold can spread and cause medical difficulties, it is wise to stay away from areas where you are aware of its presence until it can be properly tested. If you are sure that black mold is indeed the culprit, if you intend on hiring a service to remove it for you, it is best to stay at another location until the process is completed. If you are waiting for a mold specialist to arrive, alert those in your household to refrain from touching areas where mold is present.

Get Areas With Mold Treated

After you have found out whether the mold is black or not, you need to take steps to remove it without causing damage to your home or injury to people or pets. Regular mold can be removed using bleach or a mold removing agent. When using these substances, make sure people and pets are not in the home. Use gloves and a respirator mask when applying the product to the mold. If the testing service alerts you that black mold is present, contact a mold remediation service to conduct the removal process. You will need to leave your home during the procedures used for removal to ensure you do not breathe in mold spores. Many mold testing businesses also provide black mold removal services so the problem is addressed without delay.

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