How Do Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Remove Different Types Of Dirt?

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How Do Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Remove Different Types Of Dirt?

26 October 2022
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When was the last time you had your carpet cleaned professionally? Carpets not only add comfort and style, but they also play an important role in protecting your flooring. Over time, carpets can become stained and matted from dirt, dust, hair, and other debris. While regular vacuuming can help remove some of this build-up, you'll eventually need to deep clean your carpets to remove all the dirt and grime. How does professional carpet cleaning deal with different types of dirt?

1. Dry Soil

Dry soil is made up of dust, sand, and tracked-in dirt. If it's not vacuumed regularly, it can become embedded in the carpet fibers and be more difficult to remove.

Professional carpet cleaning removes this kind of dirt using various methods, including vacuuming with a high-powered vacuum, pre-treating the carpet with a dry cleaning solution, and using a rotary brush.

2. Oil and Grease

Grease and oil stains are some of the most common stains found on carpets. They can come from food spills, pet accidents, or tracked-in dirt. Grease and oil stains can be difficult to remove because they can quickly penetrate the carpet fibers.

However, professional carpet cleaners have special solutions to break down these stains and remove them completely from your carpets.

3. Wax

Wax stains can come from candles, melted crayons, or even hot coffee cups placed on the carpet. Wax is especially difficult to remove because it hardens as it cools, making it more difficult to penetrate the carpet fibers.

Sticky dirt includes things like gum, candy, and food spills. Sticky substances are very difficult to remove because they can adhere to carpet fibers and cause them to become matted down over time. Carpet cleaning to remove this dirt uses special solvents or detergents to remove sticky soil from carpets.

4. Ink Stains

Ink stains are another common type of stain that can be difficult to remove on your own. If you have an ink stain on your carpet, it's best to call a professional carpet cleaner immediately before the stain can set in. Carpet cleaners have special solutions that can quickly break down ink stains and remove them completely from your carpets.

5. Animal Stains

If you have pets at home, chances are you've had to deal with pet stains on your carpets at some point. Pet stains are problematic because they often contain bacteria that can cause odors if not treated properly. Professional carpet cleaners remove pet stains and droppings using a special enzyme solution to break down the organic matter.

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove all types of dirt, stains, and debris from your carpets. Carpet cleaners have the experience and expertise to deal with all kinds of carpet problems, big and small. Contact professional carpet cleaning services such as SkyBlue Carpet and Tile Cleaning to give your carpets a new lease of life.

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