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7 Home-Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

27 October 2016
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No matter how much of an effort you put into cleaning your home, making cleaning mistakes can leave your family vulnerable to germs and even impact how long your appliances last. To help you get the most out of a cleaning session, here are some common cleaning mistakes that are made and what you can do to avoid them. Skipping door knobs. The door knobs in your home can be a safe haven for germs. Read More …

Why Water Damage Requires the Use of a Professional Cleaning Service

25 October 2016
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If you find yourself with a flooded basement, you may be freaking out about what to do next. When a pipe bursts in your second-floor bathroom and leaks water into your living room, water damage can be extensive. Once you have had the plumbing problem or leak repaired, it's time to get serious about getting your property back in order from the water damage. While you can use a shop vacuum to get some of the water, it's almost impossible for a homeowner to take care of water-damage repairs on their own. Read More …

Take Hurricane Recovery One Step At A Time

25 October 2016
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Whether hurricane season is sweeping its way across the coast or a distant memory of financial danger, it's worth your time to have a plan for when devastating nature damages or completely takes away your property. Your life and the life of your loved ones are the most important, but it's fair to think about getting back to a more normal, comfortable lifestyle. Here are a few areas worth your time as you recover from wind, flood, and debris damage after a stormy season. Read More …

How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpeting

20 October 2016
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If you feel like you need to replace the carpeting in your home but don't have the funds for it at the moment, you can extend its life by treating it with a little TLC. Deep cleaning the floor covering won't just make it smell better and feel fresher beneath your feet, but it will look better as well. Renewing your carpet can end up saving you hundreds of dollars and allow you to put off replacement for a few years. Read More …

Heading Out On Vacation? 3 Essential Places In Your Home To Show Your House Sitter For Managing An Emergency

7 October 2016
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Planning for a vacation is full of excitement, and you have already prepped your house sitter for your time away by leaving a detailed to-do list that covers every thing from pet care to where to drop the mail. Yet, there are a few things that often get left out that are critical for keeping your home and house sitter safe in the event of an emergency. Before you leave your driveway, make sure your sitter is aware of where these areas of your home are located and how to handle a sudden catastrophe. Read More …

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